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Here I present a list of links to services that I use. They are selected without (conscious) fear or favour and some of them don’t even pay me a kick back! Many of the links also give you a discount or cashback that is not normally available.

Shareholder information etc.

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Mello – May ’23 Preview

My sincerely apologies for potentially misleading people, but many of the companies I wrote about are not in fact attending. I have contacted the organiser for an explanation as all the companies below were advertised as firm attendees in the lead up to the event.

The Mini Guide is here.

Physical Mello has previously been by far the best conference for serious private investors. As well as keynote speakers and panel discussions, around 30 companies present at each event.

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UK House Prices

I’m a full time stock market investor for good reason, but it has to be recognised that there are several major advantages to owning your own home and that fortuitous timing when buying your first one, when upsizing and when downsizing can make a significant difference to your wealth.

This article has been inspired by the long running website and forums at housepricecrash.co.uk, and the following chart:

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Mpac – FREYR Progress

In my previous article I detailed my research into Mpac’s battery cell manufacturing prospects, referring in my conclusion to “interim developments that could be announced at any time“.

On Wednesday (29/6/2022) FREYR announced that they had sanctioned construction of their first gigafactory. This will now be called “Giga Arctic”, a vast improvement on the old name of “Combined Gigafactories 1&2”.

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Mpac – Battery cell manufacture

In my previous article I looked at Mpac from the perspective of information published by them, including a run down of all the things that could go wrong with their contract with FREYR. Here I reveal the fruits of further research into that contract.

Sources of information

The other parties to the contract are FREYR, but also indirectly 24M from whom FREYR licence their technology. And it appears that 24M were instrumental in Mpac getting the contract – from the original announcement:

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Mpac – Catch up

The purpose of this article is to provide a catch-up of what has been happening at packaging machinery supplier Mpac. You can find all my past articles on it here, although I haven’t written about it for a while, for reasons explained here.

I’m going to concentrate on four updates as illustrative of what is going on at Mpac, and which may also cast some light on my investment process with read-across to other companies. You will find links to the announcements in the headings. Since writing this article I have done further research on the FREYR battery contract and this will be the subject of another piece to be published imminently.

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Mello 2022 Preview

Physical Mello is by far the leading conference for serious private investors. As well as keynote speakers and panel discussions, around 40 companies present at each event.

The last time it ran in November 2019 I briefly summarised every company attending in this article. This proved very useful to help me prepare and I hope it was useful for others also. It also helped me trade the “Mello Effect” sometimes seen when investors buy after a good presentation.

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