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This is updated manually as I cover new shares, but the links that are here should find all of the relevant articles.




7:59 cut

So-called because it is published at 7:59, just before the market opens. The format is that I will look at one or more shares that have issued an RNS at 7:00 and investigate / write as much as I can within an hour. It is not a daily column – I will only write if I’m interested in the share and I’m not working on anything else.

After 8:00, and after I have done any early-morning share trading, I will then read it through again, correct any typos, reword for style, link to source material, add minor clarifications etc. Any substantive edits / corrections will be clearly marked.

At around 8:30-9:00 I will write a summary for twitter and post a link there.

If there are obvious avenues for further research I might publish a follow-up article later in the day or soon afterwards. This will be flagged on twitter.

Later in the day I might post a version to Stockopedia’s SCVP, especially if I think it is particularly good and if the share hasn’t already been covered by Paul or Graham.

I might then post a copy to ADVFN or London South East ( in the days that follow.

A few months later I might review the post and then add a comment if I thought I got anything wrong. I’ll try to resist adding comments saying “I told you so”!

So, if you want to read the 7:59 cut as early as possible then either “Follow” my blog or refresh it around 7:59. If there is nothing by 8:00 then I probably haven’t written anything. If you’re in no hurry then following me on twitter is the best option.


When results or trading statements (e.g. AGM statements) are known to be imminent then I will sometimes investigate the company beforehand and write this up / publish it beforehand. Usually I will follow this up with a “7:59 cut” on the day referring back to the preview.

They will be signposted on twitter first and perhaps elsewhere later.


These articles will examine a company that has some kind of deadline pending, typically within a few weeks. For example the company might have told us to expect some contract statements, or they might be running out of money, or they might be about to miss the deadline for publishing their accounts.

So far these articles have proven particularly popular to advfn and readers 🙂

They will be signposted on twitter first and perhaps elsewhere later.