2021 Review – Initial Top Five


In this first part of my 2021 review I look at the different measures of stock picking / trading performance through the year, before comparing them and then doing a deep dive into what were my initial top 5 positions at the start of the year as well as a couple I didn’t carry forward from 2020 to 2021.

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2020 Review (pt2) – Stockopedia Challenge


This article is part of a series as follows:

  • Part 1 – Benchmarks
  • Part 2 (this post) – Stockopedia Challenge: BKS, CRL, UPGS, VLX, WEY

Coming soon:

  • Part 3 – BOKU, GAW, SOM, THRU, UCG
  • Part 4 – TBD

The Challenge

At the end of 2019 Stockopedia set up an open Stock Picking Challenge to last the length of 2020 based on a five-stock equally-weighted portfolio. No trading is allowed and dividends are ignored. The main purpose of this was presumably to confirm that Stockopedia subscribers outperform non-subscribers (which I don’t doubt) and imply a causal relationship between paying your fees and getting better returns.

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Wey Education – Results Preview

Full-year results time is rapidly approaching at Wey Education, the highly successful B2B and B2C education company delivering live online lessons to 8-21 year olds. Their 2018 and 2019 results were issued on 29th October and 11th November respectively, both Mondays, leaving 9th November probably the most likely date.


The critical figures were already detailed in the latest Trading Statement which was delivered promptly as the vast majority of their teaching finished for the year back in July.

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Wey Education – Trading Update

The owner of InterHigh (online school for 8-18 year olds) and Academy21 (online education for state schools) today issued a trading update in which they report revenue for the year ending 31st August will be in excess of £8m, versus guidance at the H1 results of £7.9m. They also report that profitability will be ahead of expectations.

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Wey – background, outlook and director sales


It has been an exciting and eventful calendar year so far for Wey Education, the online education company.

In January the evidence mounted that their InterHigh private school business had smashed their previous year’s record enrolment figures and that numbers continued to build, putting them well ahead of not just the previous year but also broker guidance. And no wonder – InterHigh pioneered the full online school experience and have used their experience and scale to progressively enhance their offering over many years, for example by increasing live teaching hours and improving teaching quality.

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