7:59 cut – Sosander (SOS)

Sosander (SOS) – H1 Update

I am currently working through the numbers in detail and will update this article once I have completed them, but initial indications are that this has been another disappointing period for Sosander. Even taking September’s revenue growth (when tube advertising was in full swing), current revenue guidance looks difficult to meet given the results so far.

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7:30 cut – BKS, SOM, SOS, MMH

I’ve been quiet recently because, despite the number of announcements vaguely in my space, there has been nothing from companies that I specifically follow. Today however there is lots of interest. Unfortunately I’m catching a train to London shortly and so won’t be able to write much about them. I hope to return to some of these next week.

Beeks Financial Cloud (BKS) – Partnership

No financials given and they have appropriately used the non-regulatory RNS Reach service.

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