What I’ve been up to…

…and where to find me!

Most of my commentary over the last couple of years has been via Small Caps Live Discord chat and summarised (for me) in the Small Caps Life Substack emails. I’ve also made a few contributions on Mello Monday and PI World. I’ve lead-organised three physical Small Caps Live meets, the latest of which was last month. Every month I tweet my current holdings which forms a notional portfolio that you can monitor in real time here, Google Finance permitting. I also go to a physical meeting of local investors one evening a month. And of course, I have also been investing full time and (on average) making money.

What I haven’t been doing much is posting on this blog. This is a pity because this is objectively the best format for more substantive posts. I’ve had a good think about different media for sharing investment thoughts and summarised here:

Some major improvements have been made recently to the Small Caps Live Discord server that I run together with Mark Simpson, focused around making it more suitable for investors that just wish to discuss investing, or just UK Smallcaps, or just some specific shares they own. If you found it too noisy before then I would urge you to try it again, using the Mute and Notification controls on channels and sections you are / are not interested in. It is also the best platform to contact me by direct message, although I also regularly monitor twitter.

Going forward I intend to continue to write mostly on Small Caps Live. The combination of immediacy, feedback, and the ability to edit is an ideal combination for me to comment on news and other developments. But it isn’t the best medium for longer pieces detailing the investment case, or communicating a considered response to a more complex piece of news. Accordingly I will also be making the time to write substantive articles here, on my blog.

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