7:30 cut – BKS, SOM, SOS, MMH

I’ve been quiet recently because, despite the number of announcements vaguely in my space, there has been nothing from companies that I specifically follow. Today however there is lots of interest. Unfortunately I’m catching a train to London shortly and so won’t be able to write much about them. I hope to return to some of these next week.

Beeks Financial Cloud (BKS) – Partnership

No financials given and they have appropriately used the non-regulatory RNS Reach service.

Still none of the promised contracts signed, but surely some must be getting close.

Somero (SOM) – Trading Update

Confirms inline. Already bounced well off their intraday lows on the 7th June weather-related warning, but today’s update should lend further support. Having added on 7th June I am happy with the size of my position at this time.

Sosander (SOS) – Fund raising

It is good to see that they were proactive by fund raising well ahead of a cash crunch. This is one major uncertainty out of the way and I have an order in to add this morning.

Marshall Motor Holdings (MMH) – Trading Update

Cautious but outlook unchanged. Strong cashflow despite pension payments and some investments that will not repeat next year. Interesting to see margin pressures in the second-hand market, previously a strong spot. Given uncertainties I would prefer to see them closer to tangible book value before adding.

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