Wey Education – Early Update?

As discussed in my earlier article, Wey Education (WEY) looks fairly certain to beat their full year to 31st August 2019 revenue forecasts. Historically they have issued a full-year update in the third week of August and then the full results at the end of October.

However given this is InterHigh’s last week of the year and fast-growing Academy 21’s UK market goes on holiday two weeks after that, management should have a good idea of the full-year position very soon. According to my calculations this is likely to be on the borderline of the sort of revenue beat where an early update to the market might be considered.

(Profits are much harder to judge as they are hovering around breakeven and have historically reported large exceptional costs.)

The share price has been drifting recently, but as this is already my largest position I have been holding off from adding so far.

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