7:59 cut – BON, VNET, CRL

Bonmarché (BON) – Trading Update

Due to worsening trading and a potential qualification of the accounts by their auditor, the company now recommends shareholders accept the cash offer of 11.445p from Spectre Holdings Limited / Phillip Day, noting that Spectre need to give 14 days notice before closing the offer.

There is a small risk of Spectre invoking a Material Adverse Change (MAC) clause due to the downturn in trading. Additionally some shareholders might not want to wait for the offer to complete before receiving the money. These factors may push the bid price below 11.445p this morning.

I was foolish enough to hold these once, but smart enough to sell out on the day of the March profits warning.

Vianet (VNET) – AGM Trading Update

These look like strong figures, slightly ahead, however be aware that the company has been consuming cash of late and the rollout of new connections is may require further working capital.

I hold (large-sized position) and will be monitoring price this morning with a view to adding.

Creightons (CRL) – FY Results

This is a quick initial look.

Although I have not been able to find any official forecasts, today’s figures confirm the growth seen in H1 and expectations of larger private investors. A higher run-rate [edit: at least in profits] is likely to bake in further yoy growth for H1 2020, as is the recent acquisition and the outlook is positive.

While they are benefiting from capacity investments made earlier, as I noted at the time elsewhere, this only resulted in modest capacity improvements and further investment will be required imminently. If their products were to fall out of favour with customers or retailers then this investment would not be recouped. Furthermore, growth has and will continue to lead to increased inventories which both consumes working capital and increases exposure to potential write-downs. On the other hand, payables have grown remarkably slowly (probably reflecting the high gross margins) – if this is sustainable then this will support capital-light growth

I note that cash has fallen (before the small acquisition announced yesterday) while debt has been steady – the dividend hike may prove imprudent.

I hold (mid-sized position) and will be monitoring price this morning with a view to either adding or reducing. Note: Full market, not AIM.

[Edit: Good coverage of yesterday’s acquisition on today’s SCVP, some good stuff especially from Wimbledonsprinter in the comments, with more likely to come in the main section later today. To attend live webinar at 2pm email creightons@piworld.co.uk]

One thought on “7:59 cut – BON, VNET, CRL

  1. A couple of notes from today’s results presentation:
    * They have some spare capacity e.g. by increasing productivity and the number of shifts. But they are buying the freehold to their factory and adjacent land to add capacity in future, including warehousing back in-house.
    * Some (I think they said £1m) of the stockbuild was in preparation for brexit in March 29th. Everyone is better prepared now so this will not need to be repeated for October 31st (or whenever). So, not as bad as it looks.
    * They confirm the need to raise £10m in due course to fund future growth. This reinforces my view that they should be less generous with dividends because distributing money and then raising it again is costly.


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