Welcome to my blog. You may know me as “leoleo73” under which I posted for many years, first on The Motley Fool boards and latterly Stockopedia.

The Motley Fool boards are long gone and last week Stockopedia announced that from April 13th 2019 all content would become subscriber only.

While I understand the reasons for this, it is my strong opinion that the value of any discussion is diminished when restrictions (beyond reasonable moderation) are placed on who can be involved. Furthermore I cannot justify spending my time contributing (without payment) to a discussion from which some people are excluded. I also have a specific concern that with share investment there is an ever-present danger of “groupthink” emerging and this risk increases as the group of people discussing them narrows.

Accordingly I have decided that from today I will primarily post about investment matters on this newly-created blog and on twitter (https://twitter.com/LeoInvestorUK). For the foreseeable future I will also be copying most content either as individual articles or comments to the SCVR (or elsewhere) as appropriate. As a technicality, there is only a short edit window for comments on Stockopedia and so most updates will only be made here.

On the other hand, I would encourage anybody who is not sure about whether a Stockopedia subscription for share data and tools can be justified to compare the annual cost to how much they spent on dealing commission, dealing spreads, stamp duty and custody charges over the last year. The cost won’t be justifiable to everyone, but I put off subscribing for too long and now wouldn’t want to be without it. If you do subscribe (or start a free trial) I would of course appreciate it if you use the following referral link: Stockopedia

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